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Giving students a kick-start


The Harbour Club is assisting 4 students aged 15, that are about to choose their next stage of education. Every week, for 8 weeks, the students are visiting The Harbour Club for 2 hours and are immersed in the operations of the restaurant.


This hands-on experience will give them a first idea of what it takes to work in a restaurant.

The 8th session will conclude the activity with the students preparing and serving a meal to some distinguished guests.

The content of each session may be found below:


Session 1

General Entrepreneurship, Preparation, Knives, Boards, Health & Safety, Base ingredients
Session 2

Shopping - Introducing ingredients and prices of ingredients that will be used in the dishes made.
Session 3

Cooking Session - Broccoli Soup and Parmesan Crostini
Session 4

Cooking Session - Mushroom Risotto, Aged Parmesan, Fresh Rocket Leaves
Session 5

Cooking Rabbit
Session 6

Food Costs, Customer Care, Service, Laying a table, Making a coffee
Session 7

Cooking Session - Black Forest Fruit Pannacotta
Session 8

Cooking and Service Session - Presentation to Minister and Invitees - Soup, Risotto, Rabbit, Pannacotta

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